#19 Ari Weitzman

Nickname: Ari
Years w/ESN: A 2010
Major: Natural Sciences
Former Teams:

  • University of Chicago (2006-2009)
  • Pittsburgh-B (2011 – coach)

E-mail: ari.weitzman AT gmail.com

I spent four years in Chicago learning the game properly and weaning myself off the need to vent anger on officials and taunting opponents between play… and going to school I guess. Ultimate is an interesting sport, and it’s taught me what victory with honor means. Every other sport I’ve ever played has a third party enforcement system for every rule, which means the pace of the game is dependent upon the judgment of someone who isn’t playing. When I decide what fouls I want to call, I decide the game that I want to play. If I call fouls that aren’t there I change the game, and if I win, the game I’ve won isn’t Ultimate. Victory without honor is not victory because you won a game no one else was playing. Like Colin Conner says, it’d be better if they called it “honor” of the game instead of “spirit.”

I’m pleased to be back in my hometown, and more pleased to be spending my fifth year of eligibility with this group of competitors. At practices, workouts, and tournaments, I look at the player next to me and I see that they will do anything not to let me down, and I know when they look back they see the same thing. I can’t say this team is like any other I’ve been a part of, because it isn’t. I will not let my team down.