#11 Charlie Saunders

Nickname: Charmander, Chuck
Years w/ESN: A 2008, B 2009-2010
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Trumbull CT/Pittsford NY
E-mail: charlieAsaunders AT gmail.com

Hmm… Well… I like Frisbee. A lot. I was introduced to some form of Ultimate at summer camp in 2003. The following summer, I spent 8 weeks trying to learn how to flick. That fall, the fall of my sophomore year of high school, changed my life, as cliche as it sounds. From fall to spring, I threw, probably every day, as much as I could. I started playing competitive Ultimate, as far as I knew it, the next spring.

I played three years of Ultimate in high school in Rochester, NY. It was fun, particularly at first, but ultimately, it was pretty unsatisfying. I (I guess Andredge was involved) stared a youth club team looking for more playing opportunities and to grow youth Ultimate in Rochester. We were mixed, we sucked, a lot. But that’s all in the past now, we were nothing special. Now, I’m excited.

I’m excited to be here, to be a part of something special. I’m excited to be a part of this team, to work hard, to get better. I’m excited to see what this team is capable of.