#27 Jay Paulonis

Nickname: Whitey, Anglo, White Bread
Years w/ESN: A 1998-2002
Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Frackville, MD
E-mail: jaypaulonis AT alumni DOT pitt DOT edu

Moved from a very small town to Pittsburgh PA in 1997. Shortly there after I was taught the game of ultimate frisbee from guru William Brotman. For the past half decade I have been reinging my terror of incredible paleness and subpar handling abilities on enemies of En Sabah Nur. And in my spare time I seem to have gotten some sort of engineering degree, whoever said college was difficult?
I’m now currently working like a fiend in my cushy government job sitting in my chair and writing this biography. Hoping that I get to hop back on the co-ed scene to once again share my paleness with the country.

E-mail from Feb 1999
I think that En Sabah Nur should play on Sunday behind the Cost with wild boars. I know that I can handle it. And I also just want to see if youngblood has true STAMINA.
~The lord of everything not opaque

E-mail from March 1999
I agree with chicken but I am a little disturbed that he gets paid for playing and I don’t. I should at least get hazard pay, I mean that I am always going out into the sun and who know what the heck might happen to me. But I take that chance and I love that chance because it is always fun. Any one else object to chicken getting paid and not sharing give me a “HELL YEAH!”
~The complete lack of color

Favorite Quote:
Jay to Sean McComb: “BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Favorite Pitt Ultimate Moment:
There once was a time when Brody had a mini-van. One day that van was traveling back from some town near Philly and the SUV I was in gave them a very respectable five person mooning. It was a glorious achievement for about a minute. And then the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen happened. The mini-van passed us and there was nothing but ass from front to back.