#44 Bob Charland

Nickname: Futureman, Bob Char, Bobby Char, Bobby, Char
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs of Tree’s built muscle
Position: Fouler
Years w/ESN: B 2008-2011
Major: Bodybuilding
Hometown: Rough Streets of Pine Richland, PA
E-mail: charland.bob AT gmail.com

Here are some famous people’s quotes about Bobby Char.

“He’s aight, his rhyme’s kinda whack, though.”
-Jay-Z on his signing career.

“There’s no ëBob’ in ëTeam.'”
-Andres Pacheco, after seeing him bite a teammate’s ear off, for almost stealing a point from him.

“We hate you, Bob Charland.”
-Every girl on Danger (Pitt’s Women’s ultimate team).

“I want to fight you, Bob… really bad. I want to cuddle, too.”
-Mack Lutz.

“That Girl was definitely checking you out, Char. Either that, or she dropped something.”
-Andres Pacheco, after a girl, whom Char hooked up with, dropped something down the stairs of The Perch and checked out Andres Pacheco.

“What the hell did Char just post on RSD?”
-Asher Finkel, after Bob rightfully called Shippensburg, “a bunch ofpansies,” for complaining about loud sidelines on the internet.

“Spirit Foul!!!!”
-Every team Bobby plays against.

When not sending torture workouts and/or hurting opposing players, Bobby waters strawberries, consumes massive amounts of oatmeal, imposes an iron fist on his floor, while on duty and helped the late Andres Pacheco as a sub-par copilot. Thanks to him and Asher Finkel’s crappy directions, Bob Charland witnessed firsthand the horrors of being lost in such a lame city as Cincinnati and vowed never to return to it, even in extreme circumstances, such as avoiding a clingy fling on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Famous Bob Charland Quotes:

  • “I love Chad Ochocinco.”
  • After hooking up with some lame girl: “I hate you.”
  • “It’s hard being the most spirited player on the team.”
  • “She said she just wanted to make out, so I decided to get Pizza.”
  • “I rule the stats sheet when it comes to fouling.”
  • “Thanks a lot, dude.” Text message that almost got Bob fired from being an R.A.
  • “I’m a fan of punishment, but that’s because I’m an asshole.”