#28 Matt Neupauer

Nickname: Neup
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs
Position: Offensive Glue
Years w/ESN: B 2006-2009
Major: Industrial Engineer
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
E-mail: neupauer8 AT gmail.com

Born and raised in the burbs of Lancaster, PA. I.ve been a football player my whole life, but the body didn’t fit the mind set. Never played Frisbee till I entered into college. My older brother played for the ninth ranked team in club Frisbee so that’s how I heard about it. I played a little A team last year but had to give it up because a combination of time, and cost concerns, along with a knee injury.

After a growing up with 5 brothers, competitiveness has grown into another aspect of my character. My family and I are all about sports. I played my favorite, football for four years in high school earning two varsity letters. I have limited experience with Frisbee however. My older brother played for Boss Hogg in Boston. I rarely saw him during his pro years but if we did we would often start up a game of Frisbee. That is about the extent of my Frisbee background. Although my skills are limited by lack of speed and vert, they won’t hold me back very long. I hope to one day become a strong defender, but my offensive presence is not yet up to par. I can feel myself getting better every day though, so WATCH OUT BOYS of the nation!!!