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  • 2022 Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up

2022 Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up
After missing the bracket at 2021 winter Nationals, it looked like something was troubling the waters in Pittsburgh. It was the first time En Sabah Nur had failed to make the quarterfinals at Nationals since 2008, and the team seemed to completely lack the laser focus we’ve come to expect from Pitt at Nationals (although if in your own personal head canon you want to discount winter Nationals and keep the quarters streak alive with an asterisk, I won’t stop you).

This spring however, that focus was back. After a strong regular season, Pittsburgh entered Nationals like a buzzsaw, demolishing teams by eye-popping margins thanks to a defense that had been precisely crafted by the coaching staff be both stifling and opportunistic at the same time. The high point was a 15-7 quarterfinals win over Cal’s offensive wizardry. It was the kind of victory you’d expect from a team that was built to separate themselves from the also-rans in big games, and exemplified a season of work that got Pittsburgh back on their pedestal.