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  • 2009 Metro East Coach of the Year

Dave Lionetti is a wonderful man and an even better coach. He’s been around this game for way too long and, as a result, knows way too much about it. He started playing before most of us were born (not true, but cool to say) and still can school most of us around the field. He wins just about anytime he plays, except when his undefeated winter league team, Juggernaut, has to play Vatz’s Ikyabwai… He currently plays for Iron City Ultimate, a masters team that qualified for and finished 6th in the ’05 UPA Club Championships. He guided Pitt to its first-ever Regionals win and first-ever qualification for the ’05 UPA College Championships. He puts up with all of our crap and even manages to have a smile on his face while doing it. Without him, Pitt wouldn’t be the same team and wouldn’t have the same results, just check our ’04 record.

2009 Metro East Coach of the Year
In Weasel’s final year of head coaching, what better way to honor him than with the recognition of the inaugural Coach of the Year award? His countless hours of dedication to the team earned him an honorary Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and more amazingly we forgave him for graduating from CMU. Weasel brought a lot of intelligence and strategy to a team that was often too focused on Strong to keep its head above the water. Weasel was there from the start of Pitt’s rise, and carried us through all the way to the point where we are now. I’m proud to say I’ve been coached by Weasel, a man very respected in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia communities for his play, heart and pulls.

Weasel currently is working for a company he created with a few others involved with Medical Technology and Scanning. He’s successful as hell.

-Written by Eddie Peters