Years w/ESN:

Some may call him THE Guy. Some may call him NOT the guy. Whichever one you call him Zac Cook is a guy who runs faster than Ultiworld can type “Big Cat” in every possible article they can find. Frozen water, otherwise known as ice, is located in the circulatory system of this man’s body (otherwise known as veins). If you don’t believe me go watch the Pitt B Ultimate Bubble Bowl Highlights 2019 where this man gets a completely non-gratuitous bid against CMU to win on universe point. A man that is as charming as his silky flick hucks, be on the lookout for Zac Cook diving like a shark out of water on the field while diving into the hearts of his teammates like only a real Pitt B Sensual Boy could #SodaandMeterandCharlesaremine. This mans gonna create waves that USA Ultimate never saw coming all while doing it in his fashionable gloves. Updates to come soon