#99 Shay Mallick

Nickname: Paprika
Height: 1’69”
Weight: 666 lbs
Position: Cutter (the price is way too highhh…iykyk)
Years w/ESN: B 2019-2020
Major: your mom
Hometown: BrownTown, NJ
Dating Status: dating myself but looking for a side chick
E-mail: brownboywithbde@yourmom.com

Ok let’s face it. Shay brings a new meaning to brown boy. He brings so much spice to the game with his curry moves that you will shit your pants like you do after eating at your favorite Indian restaurant. Like holy COW!! Have you ever seen his deep cuts, they’ll make you want to do a downward-facing-dog and yell “NAH MUST STAY!” when your parents tell you that you have to leave. So watch out for Paprika, he got that nickname for a reason.