#48 Ryan Moore

Nickname: Yung Thiccq
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2018, 2020-2022
Major: Business
Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey
Former Teams:

  • Westfield Ultimate
  • Pittsburgh Puppies

E-mail: rdm75@pitt.edu

An unfortunate injury in January has left Ryan off the field for the rest of this season, but he still is contributing to the team in many ways. Before the injury, Ryan was still doing what Yung Thiccq does. Boxing out and taking names. He was playing at an extremely high level and looked like a sure contributor on a stacked D line. Ryan is the loudest person on the sideline this year. He has made it his mission to get in the other team’s head even if he cannot be on the field. He always asks important questions to get the team focused and always is there when people need to be picked up. Now that he is walking without crutches, be ready for him to be in your ear all game. Look forward to his return because he is going to dominate.

Ryan Moore is yet another ultimate player from Westfield, NJ to come play for En Sabbah Nur. He made the team off of his ferocious layout D’s and his great boxouts. His boxouts are so good he has gotten the nickname of Yung Thiccq. Check behind you often if Ryan is guarding you, if you don’t he is going to layout D you.
Ryan is also one of the purest kids on the team. He is knowledgeable of all kinds of random subjects and is always reading weird articles in class. He enjoys history and loves all kinds of games. His favorite games include: Ticket to Ride, Dungeons and Dragons, and Fortnite. Ryan has already mastered most of these board games so try not to play him too often unless you want to get crushed