#29 Evan Jenkins

Nickname: The Bird
Years w/ESN: A 2004-2008
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Former Teams:

  • Burgh – Pittsburgh, PA (2005-2007)
  • Air Woo – Wuhan, China (2009-2010)

E-mail: erj15 AT pitt.edu

This is an interesting year, we had another great recruiting class and I’m having more fun with the team than ever before. We are and will be accomplishing things that this team on my freshman year couldn’t possibly have fathomed. Honestly we were a bunch of clowns 4 years ago, and now we’re one of the top teams in the US. We’re good, but we’ve still got a LOT to improve on.

I played some club over the summer for burgh. This is probably my last year here at pitt, so I’m gonna make it count. Hard work.


I’ve been playing ultimate competitively since junior year of high school. I’m glad to have started on a team with very humble goals, and helping it reach a higher level of competition. That was the plan from day 1 of college ultimate; to reach nationals…I just didn’t know it would happen sooner than I thought. However, last year I didn’t contribute as much as I would’ve liked to (despite being starting D-line handler…). This year the team’s mentality is awesome. Everybody’s work ethic is hardcore, everyone has started serious workouts, and practices are getting intense. I hope to help the team earn the respect it deserves on its quest to the top of college ultimate.

I started playing in sophomore year of high school, after a year-long season of running track, and I began playing for the newly founded school ultimate team. Since then I’ve played ultimate religiously, eventually to the point where I couldn’t be seen not holding a disc. I’ve done dozens of tourneys, went to juniors nationals, and have introduced and trained many in the ways of ultimate. I’m still learning, however, and am eager to become as good as I can be. .I’m assuming (and hoping kind of) that I’ll be playing for RUN at some point.