#3 Dillon Garrett

Nickname: Zucchini
Height: 6’2
Weight: 160
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: B 2018, A 2019-2023
Hometown: Methacton, PA
Dating Status: super desperate

Dill made his way onto ESN after almost making the team last year, and working his way up through B. His skills on the field easily made him a big role player for the B team, and he brings that experience with him to ESN 2019. Dillon started his ultimate career in highschool, playing for Methacton’s MÃœF, located in Collegeville, PA. Before ultimate, he was a prepubescent boy playing tennis, standing at just 5’8. After encountering a real barber and getting a proper haircut, the kid grew 5 inches and is now skying opponents left and right. You can usually spot Dill in Hillman helping Wet Willie with Econ homework or back in his apartment, crossing people up in 2K and trading sheep in Settlers of Catan. Be on the lookout for DG this year 😉