#24 Will Hoffenkamp

Nickname: Billie
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 215
Position: Hybrid
Years w/ESN: A 2018-2022
Major: Business
Hometown: Oak Park, Chicago
Former Teams:

  • Oak Park Ultimate
  • Chicago Ultimate

E-mail: WIH26@pitt.edu


  • 2018 Ohio Valley All-Freshman

On the En Sabah Nur frisbee team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Will Hoffenkamp, the daughter of Chief Motorcycle Michael, fears being completely destroyed in the air by BBQ Chicken, an arrogant, loud, and talented teammate whom she sees as too talented for her to cover on the frisbee field. Motorcycle Michael gives Will her mother’s neckie as a present. Will, along with her friends, the racoon Yung Thicc and hummingbird Sleepy Marc, visit Grandmother Morgenstern, a spiritual talking willow tree, and speaks of a dream involving a spinning frisbee flying through the air after doinking off of Will’s hands and her confusion regarding what line she should play on the frisbee field. Grandmother Morgenstern then alerts Will to the arriving Rookies.
Bumpy, a big man and rookie recruit, has Towers built, immediately having the crewmen dig for gold. Dan Nichols, a woodworker capable of laying serious groundwork, departs to explore the wilderness and encounters Will. They quickly bond, fascinated by each other’s height and Will’s apparent arrogance in her weak throws, and end up forming serious on field chemistry, despite Motorcycle Mike’s orders to keep away from the Rookies after BBQ Chicken and some other returners engage them in a scrimmage. Meanwhile, Yung Thicc meets Alex Yang, Bumpy’s partner-in-crime pug, and becomes the bane of his existence. Will introduces Dan Nichols to Grandmother Morgenstern and avoids two other crewmen, but Will’s best friend Lehmy discovers her relationship with Dan and warns BBQ Chicken. Bumpy also learns of Dan Nichol’s encounters and angrily warns Dan against sparing any returners he comes across on threat of Bumpy inviting all his floormates to frisbee events.
Later, Dan and Will meet with Grandmother Morgenstern and plan to bring peace between the rookies and the returners. Dan and Will share a kiss throwing session, while BBQ Chicken and Jaeger, sent by Bumpy to spy on Dan, witness from afar. Enraged, BBQ Chicken, screaming facts with no evidence, attacks and attempts to layout-D Dan, but Jaeger intervenes with his speed and layout-D’s BBQ Chicken, who destroys Will’s earrings in the process. Dan orders Jaeger to leave just before the returners come and capture Dan while BBQ Chicken’s body is taken away. Enraged at BBQ Chicken’s humiliation, Motorcycle Mike declares a scrim with the Rookies, beginning with humiliating Dan on the frisbee field.
And the rest is history. After stopping the scrim between the returners and rookies, Will had some time on his hands and picked up Fortnite, since elevating himself to a god-like status through hours of grinding and hand cramps. He decided to create his own path on the frisbee field, playing pretty good offense while working on his poach defense by convincing the opponents to throw it right to him. He doesn’t doink the disc often (anymore) because he “catches everything and is always ready” and got over his fear of BBQ Chicken when he realized that he is 6’4″ and can probably catch it over everyone except for Chris who will forever be remembered for roofing Will on YouTube.

Will Hoffenkamp comes from Oak Park, Illinois. Don’t be surprised he isn’t the most famous person in his town. Will Hoffenkamp is the biggest freshman in both side and width on the team. His great disc skills have gotten him a spot on the starting O line and he has stepped up hugely. Check out some of the ultiworld film of him skying multiple players and giving them the body. His defense could use a little more work ,but it is damn good for his size. Don’t go deep on him, enough said.
Will is also a huge gamer on the frisbee team. If he isn’t doing something frisbee related, he is most likely playing fortnite with Kevin. He never seems to have work, and is always down for a good chicken patty. Did I mention this man is a huge eater? Big boys have to eat. As a survivor from the freshman 20, he can vouch for how stuffing the food is at market.