#47 Marcel Oliart

Nickname: Marshall, Marcie, Sleepy Marc, Marvin
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 180
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2018-2023
Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
Former Teams:

  • Newton North High School (2014-2017)
  • Boston BUDA (2015-2017)
  • Boston Slow White (2017-2019)
  • Pittsburgh Temper (2022)

Dating Status: taken
E-mail: oliartm@gmail.com


  • 2018 Ohio Valley All-Freshman

Marcel started playing ultimate in the Boston area as a young high schooler. When he arrived at Pitt in 2018 as a freshman he fit right in with that year’s D Line, taking on big matchups for that team’s run to the national finals. After suffering a torn ACL before his sophomore season, Marcel started getting more involved in leadership and other off field roles, and he became a key captain who kept the team afloat through the pandemic and the first seasons back. As Ultimate eventually resumed Marcel decided it was time to prove to everyone that he worked the hardest of anyone over the pandemic shut down, and began popping off in 2022 for both Pitt and that year’s Temper squad. As he enters his final college season in 2023, Marcel is looking like an elite athlete, poised to be a lethal deep threat and a top cutter defender in the division.

Fully recovered from his injury last season, Marcel is back and stronger than ever. Marcel has changed a lot over the last year: he gained some nice upper body muscle, recently declared a Bioengineering minor and plans to go to PT school after undergrad, and has a newfound love for philosophy. Marcel spent last summer torching people with Slow White in Boston, and worked with Lobsters for his summer internship. Marcel worked harder than anyone else on the team to recover from his injury, and now he is primed to explode this season.

Unfortunately, while playing with Slow White during the 2018 club season, Marcel tore his ACL and Lateral Meniscus. Despite a successful surgery, he is not expected to return to the field for the 2019 college season. However, he has stepped up to help the coaches this year with developing strategy, film analysis, and scouting. Although he is losing a year to this injury, he is doing intense physical therapy four times a week and is making huge upper body gains in the gym still. Expect him to be one of the most disciplined and intelligent players in the division once he is back on the field in 2020. Be scared.

Marcel Oliart, hailing from Newton Massachusetts, is one of the most athletic rookies on ESN 2018. Be scared when you see this 6 feet 2 inch monster run down the pull and proceed to put the clamps on you. He can guard you deep, in the handler space, really anywhere to be honest. Don’t get me started on offense. Marcel changes his name depending on where he is on the field. When he is roasting you deep he is Marshall, but if he is throwing dimes as a handler he becomes Marvin.
When frisbee isn’t life, Marcel is often in the library preparing for his 15 exams every week. He does not sleep, and does not care if you want him to sleep. Marcel can last just over a month without sleep on just coffee. If you see this man on campus be sure to say hi since he is one of the nicest guys on the team, but be scared still if you see him on the field!