#9 Myles Cooper

Nickname: Coopdaddy
Height: 5’8
Weight: 150
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2018-2022
Major: Business
Hometown: Wakanda
Former Teams:

  • Pittsburgh Puppies

Dating Status: Much needed


  • 2018 Ohio Valley All-Freshman

After joining En Sabah Nur as a freshman who has never played frisbee before, Myles destroyed all the doubts made about him. He has dominated with his speed and makes unbelievable plays that spark the D line. Myles has grown to become a shut down defender that can take on both handlers and cutters and he will make sure that they will not touch the disc. Do not be discouraged when Myles gets an insane D on you, that is just how it is going to work out if he guards you.

Myles Cooper has never played frisbee before this year.
Myles Cooper has never played frisbee before this year.
Nyles Cooper has never played frsibee before this year.

Don’t be fooled, he may not has player frisbee before this year, but he will destroy you on any cut you make.
“Don’t throw in on me” – Myles Cooper
Myles Cooper, often referred to as Coopdaddy by his clanmates, has made ESN in his first year of playing frisbee. As a former track runner, Myles constantly informs us to run on our toes and on how to do the A and B march/skip. Myles has always had perfect form in running, not to mention his layout form. If you haven’t seen him remove the soul from that one Maryland player, look it up on youtube. When Myles is on the field, don’t cut in on him. Don’t even cut deep on him. Wherever you go, he is going to beat you there. If you see him mark up on you, just put down the disc. There’s no point in trying. See Myles flying by when he layout D’s you.