#21 Robert Dulabon

Nickname: Swede
Years w/ESN: A 2004-2008
Major: Bioengineering
Hometown: Erie, PA
Former Teams:

  • bRUNt (2004)
  • Burgh (2005, 2007)
  • Deathstar (2006, 12th at WUCC Open Division in Perth)
  • Forge (2008-2009, 2008 Sectional Champs)
  • Pie Wagon (2010, 5th at WUCC Mixed Division in Prague)
  • Truck Stop Glory Hole (2010-Present)

E-mail: dulabon AT gmail.com

Deciding to play ultimate for Pitt is the greatest decision I made in college. I remember being asked by a friend if I was going to check out En Sabah Nur when I got to school. I didn’t know what she was talking about. But I soon found out when I approached the activities fair booth and Brent’s lovely smile greeted me.

It’s been a hell of a ride since that first meeting. The first year was certainly more about having a good time than winning. And it showed when we finished a disappointing fifth in the section. But the next year was different. The leaders (mainly Sean) saw the potential in the team and got us to believe that we could make the trip to Corvallis. Even though it seemed like a long shot, we got there. And we were certainly just happy to be there. And that showed. The next year we lost no one, and everyone only got better. We made our second trip to nationals, with an army of fans, and even won two games at the tournament (although they were consolation). I was gone the fall of my fourth year. I made the sudden decision to stay in Australia, defer a semester, and play in the WUCC with Deathstar. This could be the second greatest decision I made in college. Not only did it allow me to make strides as a player, but it made me take a semester off, which would allow me to play my fifth year. When I got back to Pitt, Sean, Fraggle, MikeLo, Andrew, and Wes were all gone from the team. It was the first year we had lost someone since I began. But, we had some stellar rookies to step up. And with Josh and Stu running things and Weasel coaching for his third year, we made our third trip to nationals, in which we got our first Friday win and went 3-3. It would feel damn good to be the top ten in the nation for anything, but it felt great after so much work and dedication that season.

These are the Cliffs notes of what have been the most memorable experiences of the last four years of my life. I have put in more time, work, and desire to this team than any one thing in my life. And I love that fact. My teammates are my best friends and they make me want to be a better player. I can’t wait for what we do this year. Who ride.