#99 Alex Spenceley

Nickname: Greg
Height: 6′ 02″
Weight: 202
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2017-2021
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
E-mail: spenceley84@gmail.com

Alex Spencely is currently in his second year playing for En Sabah Nur. Alex leads the team in sprints, always being the first person down on the pull. He has ten almost first throw D’s and plans on getting one by the end of the season. Alex is also a super athlete who not only can out run his defender, but also out jump him. His body is chiseled out of stone. You are in real trouble if you run into Spence on the field.
When Alex isn’t on the field he is working hard for the SGB. Alex has been involved with many projects for the University of Pittsburgh including his very successful mental health month. He is also a Neuroscience major which is hard for most, but incredibly easy for Spencil. He doesn’t even need to read the books to do well.

Alexander Spenceley earned the super creative nickname “Spenceley” through hard work and dedication. Spenceley was born in a town called George, which is located 3 hours outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The name Spenceley is South African for “must be wet in clothing.” Spenceley takes his name very seriously and is dedicated to making his family proud. This means that he swims in all of his clothing when he’s at really cool locations such as the beach or the public pool. Since he doesn’t need to own a bathing suit, he showers in an XXL tee shirt and tighty-whitey underpants. This leads to his laundry bin being full of wet clothing which ends up getting pretty moldy. This fits well because in America “Spenceley” means moldy underpants.

His best friend Max Thompson calls Spenceley “Spencil.” We are pretty convinced that it’s half because Spenceley kind of sounds a little bit like Pencil and half because Max really really likes pencils. Spencil and Max once founded a club that was based completely on talking about pencils and when they were done talking about the pencil of the day, the would each put one hand on the pencil and try to break it. Whichever one of them gets the smaller piece of the pencil gets called the “smaller pencil” and has to stick their piece of the pencil in their nose.

Spencilton played ice hockey through elementary, middle and part of high school. Spencilboy played rugby for basically his whole life and was pretty good at it. He was awarded at least 3 awards for his Rugby skills. At least two of these awards were pretty big pencils. Luckily, these pencils were not too big and still fit in Max’s nose when he was called smaller pencil.

Spencelaser started playing pick up ultimate his freshman year of high school. He didn’t get serious about ultimate until he met Noah Weintraub, Hank Novara and Max Thompson. Noah, Hank, and Max were able to convince Spenceloft to “get serious” with ultimate because it was “wicked freakin chill, yinz” and “those eggo waffles won’t make themselves.” Spencelinguist was especially taken aback by the second statement but realized that these were the kind of kids he wanted to spend lots of time, a lot. He put in a lot of work and decided to make the A team. Then he made the A team.

Spencelab is currently studying Neuroscience and is doing really well in school. Spenceloop loves all his classes but enjoys taking nice breaks for team events like practice, track, lifting, and rousing games of who can eat the most food the fastest. Spencelift is very involved in the Pathfinder organization on campus. He likes it a lot and people who are also in the Pathfinder organization like that he does it a lot. We know this because he could post an Instagram of a blank white wall and it would get over 200 likes. On Instagram. That means people like him. A lot. It also means that he likes other people. People like him because he has a charming smile, a very mature voice, and a relaxed demeanor among other things. Nobody has ever seen Spencelegs not smiling. He is very good at saying suhhhhhh dude. It’s awesome. Oh shoot. This isn’t an online dating profile. Anyway….

Spongeley is someone who is able to take in a huge amount of ultimate knowledge at once and turn it into actions on the field. He is also someone who is comfortable speaking his mind in front of the team. This is an admirable quality for a new player. Superstarley has a ton of potential and the entire team is very excited for him to actualize this potential. We like him.