#11 Leo Warren

Nickname: Le Le
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 160
Position: Handler
Years w/ESN: A 2016-2021
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Former Teams:

  • Lakeside High School, Atlanta, GA (2011-2015, 2014 + 2015 captain)
  • ATLiens U-19 Open, Atlanta, GA (2013-2015, 2013 National Champions)
  • Pittsburgh Alloy, Pittsburgh, PA

Dating Status: Single
E-mail: LJW48 AT pitt.edu


  • 2019 Ohio Valley 2nd Team All-Region (Senior)
  • 2018 Ohio Valley 2nd Team All-Region (Junior)

Penny and Gracey have been the greatest additions to the Pitt Ultimate family. When we stay at the Warren’s during Classic City Classic most of us just want the games to end so we can hang out with the cutest dogs south of the Mason-Dixon.

And then there’s Leo, our gateway to the beloved Pitt Ultimate Dogs.

The young Warren started his ultimate career at Lakeside Highschool in Atlanta, GA. Through years of practice on the field, memorizing the names of every player to ever attend NUTC, and growing his hair to a Nathan White level afro Leo now finds himself settled nicely into the residence of the Zulema apartment crew as a baller for Pitt Ultimate.

On the field you can find him throwing frisbees and off the field you can find him throwing Jack and DB under the bus for being a spy in Resistance.

Leo regularly narrates our big, team games of Resistance and loves to explain the rules to new players. He wants other players to enjoy the game as much as him and contribute to the fun of the persuasion based game. The same applies to his relentless desire to teach, demonstrate, and explain frisbee related concepts, techniques, and tactics to players he sees that he can potentially positively influence. He’s accumulated a depth of knowledge as a player so far, and as he continues to get playing experience at an elite college level he’ll grow into the amazing player he wants to and knows he can become.

He also has the meanest dab on the team. Opponents beware, or you’ll leave the tournaments with nightmares of the violent, cruel, controlled spasm that is Leo’s dab.