#42 Skylar Brunner

Nickname: skysky, skylab, skylord, The Beard, skybeard, anything ‘the bird’ calls me on a particular day
Height: 8 inches shorter then Talle
Weight: 165 lbs
Position: Jack Bauer’s protege
Years w/ESN: A 2006-2008, B 2009
Major: International Business
Hometown: Rochester, NY
E-mail: sjb31 AT pitt.edu

I started playing ultimate my Jr. year of high school, after playing in a showdown between the hippies in my school and some athletes including myself, we accepted the challenge of playing some crazy game called ultimate. At this point my friends and I could barely throw a backhand, and knew nothing of a flick or hammer, forces, marks, offense? Forget about it. Needless to say we dominated the hippies at their own game, and took over the team the following year.

After this ultimate became an escape from the stress of varsity sports, after being scolded many times for playing ultimate while running XC, XC skiing and track, I was done with my Sr. year and looked forward to starting my ultimate career at Pitt. My freshman year I learned a lot but was hindered by many injuries including a torn hamstring, I played my first year in club over that summer with my hometown team, the zebra muscles (represent), where I gained more confidence and improved my game tremendously. This year I’ve worked extremely hard to rehab my hamstring and prevent injuries, I’m extremely excited for this year, our team has worked very hard thus far and will continue to do so. This year we are striving towards our goal of being the best-conditioned team in the nation; and with the help of Mr. Suskin, the team most likely to win in a street fight.