#29 Hafeez Shams

Nickname: Feezy , Old Thiccq, The Prince of Pakistan
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 205
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: B 2015-2016, A 2017-2019
Major: Finance and Business Information Systems
Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL
Former Teams:

  • Neuqua Valley, Naperville, IL (2012-2014, 2012 and 2013 State Champs, 2014 State Runner Ups, 2013 Centrals Runner Ups)
  • Chicago Micromachines, Chicago, IL (2011-2013)
  • Beachfront Property, Chicago, IL (2015)
  • Temper, Pittsburgh, PA (2016)

Dating Status: Ridin’ Solo
E-mail: hshams29 AT gmail.com

En Sabah Nur’s lord and savior returns to cap off his storied college career. There still is that bad taste left in his mouth from the finals of nationals. Hafeez is a game changing player who always will be played in the highest pressure moments. His career has been filled with injuries, his fifth year no different. However after every injury, Hafeez has came back with more passion and ambition and has dominated matchups. This year is no different.
Ever since his junior year, Hafeez has been a backbone to En Sabbah Nur with his voice and his play. His handler defense energizes the team, and his throws make the offense run smoothly. He may not be a captain of the team, but he most certainly is a leader to the team. This last year will most certainly be his greatest of his three years on this team.
To that one Wilmington player that called Hafeez “slow” : “See me at Nationals” – Hafeez

Hitta #29 returns for another year of Pitt Ultimate. Having lost at club regionals, sectionals and in the superbowl, Hafeez is back for ESN 2018 to actually try and win something. Hafeez is just as good, maybe even better, than Max at asking people for swipes into market. When you see Hafeez Shams on your notifications it is most likely, “Market at 12:15?”
When Hafeez isn’t begging for swipes or sitting in the sanctuary, he’s most likely doing something frisbee related. Hafeez has been working on his right arm strength on and off the field. It has really shown when he launches his flick full field. His dump cuts have been known to be extremely deadly. His body count is already at one and he has told me repeatedly that he wants to get that to ten by then end of the season.

Be on the lookout for Hafeez when he makes it to a field near you.

Hafeez is a promising young man with a good heart. He really likes ultimate, sports, lifting weights, and watching videos of Lehmberg lifting weights. He likes watching videos of Lehmberg lifting weights because Lehmberg has really nice hair. The blonde waves glisten in the sunshine, each hair perfectly parted from left to right. He is a Malibu Ken doll, born to be worshiped in his stunning yet casual beach attire. I’m sorry I really need to stop, this is supposed to be about Hafeez.

Hafeez hails from Chicago and after two years of throwing dime hammers and blades on Pitt B is taking his talents to the A Team for 2017. He’s a gifted player on the field and does impressive things in the gym when we don’t have practice. His other talents include but are not limited to:
– Posting useless jokes, gifs, and memes in the GroupMe almost as often as I do
– Getting stylish yet affordable haircuts at Puccini’s once a month
– Talking about the quality of Puccini’s haircuts with Kyle, Jonah, and Lehm
– Playing Resistance
– Losing to Leo in FIFA
– Tying knots in cherry stems with his tongue
– Peeling oranges

If you want to learn more about Hafeez feel free to stop by Zulema and ask him. He’s a nice boy and would be glad to tell you. I would recommend trying to catch a glimpse of Lehmberg’s hair while you’re over there. It really is a thing of beauty.