#21 Alex Thorne

Nickname: Baby Al, Theezy
Height: 5’7
Weight: 130 lbs
Position: striker
Years w/ESN: A 2009-2013
Major: Computer Enginnering
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
E-mail: alt54 AT pitt.edu


  • 2013 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (5th Year/Grad)
  • 2012 Skyd Breakmark All-American (Senior)
  • 2012 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (Senior)
  • 2012 Callahan Finalist (Senior)
  • 2011 Skyd All-American (Junior)
  • 2011 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (Junior)
  • 2011 Callahan Nominee (Junior)
  • 2009 Metro East Freshman of the Year 1st Team

2012 Skyd Breakmark All-American
If only we had statistics, I think we would find Alex Thorne at the top of the list in offensive production. What he lacks in size he makes up for in some of the most dangerous break throws in the nation. Despite having the capability to handle, he is able to cut well off of Tyler Degirolamo and almost always jump starts the offense. He won our MVP award at Easterns, and certainly deserved it. What’s surprising is how many goals he has racked up, and his production has been ridiculous. He certainly wouldn’t see that kind of production without his teammates, but it does take a skill to play with talent. He may be the most deadly man near the end zone in the game right now.

Written by Bryan Jones for Skyd Magazine

2012 Callahan Finalist

2009 Metro East Freshman of the Year 1st Team
Alex Thorne is a legacy. His father Henry has done amazing things for the Pittsburgh Ultimate Community, and has clearly passed on those qualities of leadership to his son. Alex has been playing for longer than anyone on the team, he’s had a flick since he was 5 and he’s got adorable photos to prove it. His recognition of Freshman of the Year is well deserved, as he played almost entirely error free all season and especially well at Nationals. I’m looking forward to the changes that Alex Thorne is going to bring to the new generation of Pittsburgh Ultimate, as well as seeing his personal growth as a player over his career at the U.

-Written by Eddie Peters