#19 Isaac Saul

Nickname: Ike
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 166 lbs
Position: Handler
Years w/ESN: A 2010-2013
Major: English Writing
Hometown: Illadelph, PA (215)
Former Teams:

  • Pennsbury Peyote,
  • Roots of Rhythm

E-mail: ims7 AT pitt.edu


  • 2013 Ohio Valley 2nd Team All-Region (Senior)
  • 2012 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (Junior)
  • 2010 Metro East Freshman of the Year 1st Team

Hailing from the Saul clan, arguably most respected Jewish ultimate family in college ultimate history, Isaac brought Pitt Ultimate the one thing it really needed: more jump-balls.

Now the undisputed head captain of Pitt Ultimate, Isaac Saul leads not by example, but by inspirational emails. There is no power struggle.

The most dominant Jewthlete on the squad, our little Yitzchak loves marking up on players three times his size, and challenges them to take him deep.

Jump-ball-Saul has even proven that he has a life outside of Ultimate. As a Pitt News sports journalist with an illustrious rap career, Isaac has become the most popular ‘bro’ on campus.

Ike leads the team in most Facebook friends, missed practices, and shit talking.

Everyone hates getting beat by Ike, because that little fucker will laugh in your face and talk trash for the rest of your natural life. It’s in his name. Seriously. Isaac=Laughter.

Don’t be fooled by his resume:

HS Easterns Champ, Team America Junior Worlds, Freshman of the Year, blah blah blah. It’s all hype. Isaac isn’t good.

I have Robbie’s back and if you try to mess with the gruesome twosome you’re gonna get rocked.

Nothing less than a National Championship.

I’m Alex Thorne plus six inches in height and in the pants, a shitty backhand, the ability to win Championships, and I play on the flickside.

If I could model my game after anyone, it’d be Jesse Sidhu. His forehand is flawless.

Oh, even though I may not wear it because Ari had a near death experience, I AM number 19, and if its not on my back by Spring it will be next Fall. Don’t let Ari’s mediocre talent fool you into thinking 19s don’t run shit, cause we do. Keyshawn Johnson baby!

Know ’em.