#8 Michael Plunkett

Nickname: Plunkett
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155 lbs
Position: Handler
Years w/ESN: A 2008-2011
Hometown: Ambler, PA
E-mail: MichaelWPlunkett AT gmail.com

There’s a little known fact about Plunkett, which is that I’ve hated him ever since High School. Another little known fact is that Plunkett has been afraid of me ever since I yelled at him, one time. Plunkett is the only person I have ever been mad at. Whether it is REFUSING to clean the house after he throws a party, holding the disc WAY too long, or in general just thinking he’s a better player than I am, there are very few other people who can get under my skin like dear Mr. Plunkett can.

In the end, it’s all good though because my dear little Plunkettman was like the Grinch, and his heart just kept getting bigger. Nowadays, he sure throws down hard at parties, always has a good time (except in the mornings, don’t poke the bear), and is apparently pretty good when he wants to toss… salad! You would never imagine what this kid’s wit, humor, and a handle of hard alcohol, always kept close at hand, win him. I certainly didn’t while he lived with me, I had to ask him why they kept coming back. But yes indeed, things are good here now. Young Plunk has carved himself a little niche where he fits in our hearts oh so well. Just ask Jay’s sister.

But wait! I can’t end there, too cutesy by far! I’ll tell ya’ll Plunk’s biggest fear, so listen close. His deepest, darkest, most withheld secret. You guys gotta know, despite everything he tells you, that this is true. Plunkett’s gay.

Says he got a real bad crush on, and it just won’t go away… Freddy Tsai, FOTY 2008.

-Written by Eddie Peters

My first true ultimate memory came during my freshman year of high school at Wissahickon when Jake Christian, you might know him, made a kid cry after catching a Callahan. After that instance, I knew I was hooked. So with some practice over the winter I eventually became a serviceable option off the bench and attended the last high school nationals where we finished fifth.

Fast forward to my Ultimate career now, I have won a national championship with SEPDA at YCC, gone to many prestigious tournaments with Wissahickon and played in various other leagues through PADA. I live, breath, and eat ultimate. I have been dreaming about getting my own spot on this team and this bio page for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier about the shot to play a big role on this team. This is going to be Pitt ultimate’s best year yet, I hope college ultimate is ready for us.