#23 Eddie Peters

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 180 lbs
Position: Defender
Years w/ESN: A 2007-2011
Major: English Writing
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
Former Teams:

  • Philly Ultimate 2006
  • Pike, Philadelphia Open(2007 Sectional Champs, Nationals Qualifier)
  • Forge, Pittsburgh (2008 Sectional Champs)
  • Amp, Philadelphia Mixed (2009 Sectional and Regional Champs, 5th at Nationals)
  • Southpaw, Philadelphia Open (Sectional Champs, T7th at Nationals)

E-mail: edwardbpeters AT gmail.com


  • 2011 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (5th Year/Grad)
  • 2010 Metro East 1st Team All-Region (Senior)

Time to win.

Crawling back into my shell.

Breaking out of my shell.

I’ve written this bio twice. My first edition was lost. It was hype and name dropping of all the people, teammates and opponents, I love. This edition is skipping that. I am never going to stop meeting the wonderful characters that make Ultimate important to me and it would be unfair to those yet to come. As for the hype and as for Pitt Ultimate, you’ll see.

2011 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region
Every team requires different functioning parts in order to make it successful. You need the athletes, the students of the game, the bruisers, the graceful talents, and the veterans. But, even with all that, you’re team is not complete. You still need a player to represent everything that is right about about being a teammate, a hard worker, and a competitor. For Pitt Ultimate, that player is Eddie Peters.

His frame is made up of the most monstrous calves you’ve ever seen, an upper body that is rock solid and perfect bidding, yet his strongest characteristics comes from his heart and between his ears.

No player I have ever competed with or against has ever been so strong mentally and physically, and the results yielded brought out a dominant defensive prowess that no team ever had an answer for. Without question, Eddie was the most feared and looked up to player by both our opponents and his teammates.

Throughout his final season, Eddie was always the one covering the other teams Callahan nominee, top thrower, top cutter, or biggest name. In our most desperate moments, when we needed breaks and D’s more than ever, Eddie was the one getting them on names like Cole Sullivan, Cody Bjorklund, and George Stubbs.

What most people learn the hard way is that Eddie’s game doesn’t stop on D. This year, leading one of the most dominant defensive line’s in the nation, Eddie served as the top-handler on our D-team. After a turn, nobody touched the disc more than Eddie – and with good reason. His inside out forehands, strong around backhands, and powerful dump cuts drew groans and gasps from spectators all year. For us, Eddie’s talent was commonplace. As Assistant coach David Vatz said, Eddie is one of (maybe) five players on our team who can legitimately put the disc anywhere, anytime, anyway they want. His creativity on offense could only be overshadowed by his solidarity on defense.

Aside from spectators, coaches, and teammates, Eddie also impressed an unlikely group; observers.

After nearly every tournament, Eddie’s spirit was recognized and applauded by the men in orange. One observer said he’d never seen such a spirited player in high-level college ultimate. He was notorious for looking a player in the face who had made a questionable call, asking him if he was telling the truth, and believing whatever the response was.

It was with these characteristics of sportsmanship, ferocity, and talent that gave birth to a well deserving All-Region nomination in 2011.

-Written by Isaac Saul