#15 Kevin Norton

Nickname: Special K
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 190 lbs
Position: Cutter, Deep
Years w/ESN: A 2010-2011
Major: Math, for now
Hometown: Amherst, MA
Former Teams:

  • Amherst Regional High School Varsity, Amherst, Ma (2008-2009, Easterns runner up both years)
  • Big Wrench, Amherst, Ma (2010)
  • BUDA, New England (2010, 5th place at YCC)

E-mail: kcn2 AT pitt.edu

I was flattered when Kev asked me to write his bio, in an odd way. It was the same kind of odd way that I was flattered when he told girls at a party I was his dad. “Umm… yes,” I think I said, in both occasions. “Sure Kevin.” I know very little about Kevin, but I don’t think many people here know him that well. He’s like a baby bird not yet fully developed. A very very large baby bird, not yet broken out of its shell. Kev’s peaking his head out though, and he’s in there somewhere. Behind all the F words and hip injuries there is a baby Kevin growing its wings.

It’s very lucky for other teams that Kevin is still under wraps. The times when he’s been able to play, he has been monstrous. When you see Kev on his A-Game, there are things that stick out. The first thing you notice is the height. Kev’s big. When he marks you there is no downfield, only Kevin. You can then tell that unlike most big guys, he can move. His feet work, he can change directions, he can jump. You can then tell that his hands work, too… and well. He throws, he catches, he can play the game damn well. And this bird can fly. Kev has some of the prettiest 6’6″ bids I’ve ever seen, on the occasions that I’ve been blessed to see them.

Kev’s still gotta break out of his shell, though. He’s gotta heal. He’s gotta train. He’s gotta stop cursing, gotta stop telling girls at parties that I’m his dad. It’s pretty awkward. It’s time to fly, baby bird. Oh and I can hear his response to me now…
“Dude, F you!”

I wonder what he’s like at Norton family gatherings.

-Written by Ari Weitzman, with love or something like it