#18 Stephen Shaw

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 170
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2014-2015
Major: Chemical Engineer
Hometown: New Hope, PA
E-mail: sds56 AT pitt.edu

Stephen Shaw, like most great things that have come out of Pitt’s program, worked his ass off to get where he is.

Shaw has an athletic background, one that started when he began playing soccer in the 3rd grade. He spent the majority of his life kicking around that beautiful ball, up until he graduated high school.

“I was missing the team aspect in my life,” Shaw said. “I really wanted Pitt Ultimate to be the team that filled that void because I was very interested in the sport of Ultimate and really enjoyed playing with the team.”

Similar to many great ambassadors of the sport, Stephen was a total Ultimate rookie when he first discovered the sport in college. Despite not making the A-team on his first try, Shaw was fascinated by the sport and had a lot of fun trying out.

“I had never played Ultimate before and was intrigued by the strategy and many other aspects of the game,” Shaw said. “I love how the sport is gaining publicity and I wanted to be a part of that.”

After being cut, Shaw faced the tough choice many athletes have to face at one point in their career: Do I work hard and try again, or do I give up? Shaw chose the former, and after spending the winter and summer playing rec league, gaining experience and working on his throws, he came back better than ever for this year’s edition of the team.

“I felt a lot more confident trying again for the second year,” Shaw said. “I’m blessed to be able to play with Pitt Ultimate for the 2014 season.”

Q: What player do you most try to emulate?
A: This season, I want to fill some of the gaps that were left by graduating players. I am currently playing defense and my goal for the season is to be able to start on D-line by the end of the year. I emulate Trent and his defensive skills. He has been my pod leader and mentor throughout the fall season, and I hope to continue to improve with his guidance throughout the season.