#7 Julian Hausman

Nickname: J-Haus, Hooleein Owzmon, Huli, the Horse, the Verifier,
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 187 lbs
Position: Handler.
Years w/ESN: A 2008-2012
Major: History, Economics, and a few certificates
Hometown: Mt. Lebanon, Sixburgh, PA
Former Teams:

  • Lebo, Captain 3 years.
  • Impulse, Captain 2 years.
  • Run
  • Burghhh
  • Swagger U.

E-mail: julian.hausman AT gmail.com


  • 2012 Ohio Valley 1st Team All-Region (5th Year/Grad)
  • 2011 Ohio Valley 2nd Team All-Region (Senior)

This year, there’s no excuses.
This year, I will work the hardest.
This year, I want it more than you.
This year.

I worked harder. Still not hard enough. This was the most frustrating season I have ever witnessed.

At Trouble In Vegas, half the team had the flu, including me, and it was raining so bad that Weasel sent half of us back to the hotel. The 8-10 guys that stayed in the storm stomped on Illinois for all the sickies back in the hotel. I love you guys. The only redeeming game was against Stanford, where we looked like a team, and came from behind to win 14-12. Little did we know this would be our best game of the regular season.

Ultimax, Terminus, Roll Call. 3 Tournaments. 3 Cancellations due to weather. Sectionals was postponed due to weather. A storm cloud followed us wherever we went. Tensions built within the team. Everyone was frustrated. We knew we had something to prove, but we couldn’t play. We couldn’t click because we never got to play as a full team.

Even after 4 cancelled tournaments the season low was, once again, the Regional Championship game against Cornell. In classic Pittsburgh Ultimate fashion, we would take the backdoor.

Nationals. Finally, we proved we were tough. No team in the nation could beat us with 15 points. Beating Cornell to advance into Quarters was the most gratifying win in our program. Games against Texas, Wisconsin, and Carleton came down to a 14-14 game to 2. I guess they wanted it more.

Even after such a tough loss to Carleton in Quarters, I felt proud of what this team had accomplished. We took the worst season possible, and proved how good we can be. It’s only made us hungrier for this season.

My first season with the team was a blast. I worked pretty hard. Not hard enough.

The highlight of this season was our spring break trip to Yosemite National Park in California, the Stanford Invite, snowshoeing up to the giant sequoias, and trail-sprinting a 3-4 mile run around a lake Hetch-Hetchy to make it back to our car before closing. These made me realize that this was my team. These were my brothers.

The low of this season was Day 1 at Regionals. I wasn’t there. I made a promise several years back to be at my sister’s college graduation. I don’t break promises. I wasn’t there Day 1 of Metro East Regionals. I missed the championship game against U-Del, and we lost. I came back and everyone seemed really disappointed I missed the game. My presumed match-up, Slater, kept putting up break-hucks. Even though I wasn’t there, it was my job to be there and block my match-up.

At nationals I got my redemption against Delaware. I played on Slater for most of the game, and I played well. Pitt won 15-8. Here’s another promise, and I don’t break promises, I won’t let you down again Pitt.