#1 William Brotman

Nickname: Brody
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155
Position: Utility
Years w/ESN: A 1998-2003
Major: Computer Science/Ecology & Evolution
Hometown: Danville, PA
Former Teams:

  • RUN, Pittsburgh, PA (2001-2004)
  • Med. Men
  • Johnny Bravo, Boulder, CO (2006-3rd Nationals)
  • Credo – Christchurch, NZ (2009-New Zealand National Champs, 2010-Worlds)
  • Dogma – Christchurch, NZ
  • DUC
  • Tuatara – New Zealand (2012 World Ultimate & Guts Championships – Sakai, Japan)
  • Johnny Encore – Denver, CO (2013 Masters Nationals)
  • Mokonui – New Zealand (2014 World Ultimate Club Championships – Lecco, Italy)
  • Temper – Pittsburgh, PA (2014 Club Nationals)
  • Tejas – Austin, TX (2015 Masters Nationals)
  • Lovebomb – Pittsburgh, PA (2015-2016 Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals)
  • Royal Stag – Madison, WI (2016 North Central Masters Regionals)
  • Endless Sunset – San Diego, CA (2017 Grand Masters Nationals)
  • Scrapheap – Pittsburgh, PA (2018 Grand Masters Beach Championships – 4th)
  • Antiques Roadshow – Asheville, NC (2018 Southeast Mixed Masters Regionals – 4th)

E-mail: brotman AT alumni.pitt.edu

Obviously, I may have some bias here. Brody founded Pitt Ultimate decades ago (at least) and took this team from a bunch of bare-footed pickup players to a team of athletes that finally qualified for Regionals. On Sunday at sectionals, he threw out his back, an injury that had him walking crookedly for a week and a half and was obviously in ridiculous amounts of pain. But he continued to play, all but one point of both our Sunday wins. Even though he was forced to lay flat on his back in the endzone in order to capture a few moments of bearable pain before standing up to play the next point. The injury was still bothering him to some degree at Regionals but he never said a word and played through it, as the one receiver we could always count on to get open. He has ridiculous intensity, drives this team, dragged our asses to 7am conditioning in January and February, and has willed this team to victories. Unfortunately, he played on a team that was only 7 players deep, and though that was enough to get to Regionals, its tough to do much once you get there. On another team Brody would have surely been a dominant receiver. He runs down discs he has no business getting to, comes out of no where to get D’s and drives all his teammates to play above their abilities. Unfortunately, he was forced to play hero for Pitt, tried to poach a little too much, hung a few too many hucks and was on a team that, this year, just didn’t have enough to get to the showcase games.

Written by Sean McComb

He is their talisman. 4 years ago he was extremely athletic and clueless. Now he is extremely athletic and must be accounted for. Still turnover prone by his own admission, but theres no
real way to stop him from getting the disc.

Written by Dan Naylor

Are you serious…this guy is a joke with his hippy long hair…Just kidding. Brody is probably my favorite player beside one Dane O’Brien. He is intense, intense, intense, he is MR. Pitt. Pitt will either make there first bid to regionals or not based on his performance.

Written by Timmy Meyers

A long time ago, in a state far away, there was a creature hatched that was 1/3 monkey, 1/3 gazelle, and 1/3 the doctors could not tell. This pseudo-human advanced in life to be one of the pillars of his community, attaining a Computer Science Degree and also collecting thousands of friends on his adventures. The most notable adventure was the Third Floor Funk who evolved into En Sabah Nur. From that point on, and forever more, Brody will be our captain and our leader, not to mention one of the fastest damn people I have ever seen.
~White E

Favorite Pitt Ultimate Moment:
Making College Regionals, Seeing the team BEGIN to take care of itself, the creation of the sexy butt dance (INTERGALACTIC), and on and on.