History: 2021 – 2022 Season


# 21 Adam Ricci
# 27 Luca Christiansen
# 8 Nicky Troilo
# 5 Peter Kotz
# 84 Will McGlynn
# 28 Roger Zeng
# 13 Tim Chango
# 64 Will Litchholt
# 80 Maxwell Olesen
# 44 Scott Heyman
# 46 Tristan Yarter
# 14 Aiden Landis
# 49 Dan Nichols
# 34 Henry Ing*
# 4 Jacky Chung
5th Year/Grad
# 7 Chris Ng
# 3 Dillon Garrett
# 41 Harry McNamara
# 17 Kevin Tsui
# 47 Marcel Oliart*
# 23 Michael Sodini
# 9 Myles Cooper
# 48 Ryan Moore
# 15 Will Helenski*
# 24 Will Hoffenkamp
Head Coach: Nick Kaczmarek* denotes team captain
Assistant Coach: Ari Weitzman, Christie Lawry, Hensley Sejour


Ultiworld 1st Team All-American: Henry Ing (Senior)
Callahan Nominee: Will Helenski (5th Year/Grad)
Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up: Nick Kaczmarek
Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up: Ari Weitzman
Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up: Christie Lawry
Ultiworld Coach of the Year Second Runner-Up: Hensley Sejour


Florida Warm Up: Tampa, FL – February 4th – 6th, 2022
Smoky Mountain Invite: Knoxville, Tennessee – March 5th – 6th, 2022
Easterns: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – April 2nd – 3rd, 2022
West Penn D-I Conference Championship: Morgantown WV – April 16th – 17th, 2022
Ohio Valley D-I College Men’s Regionals: Pittsburgh, PA – May 7th – 8th, 2022
D-I College Championships: Uihlein Soccer Park. Milwaukee, WI – May 27th – 30th, 2022


Pittsburgh-B Roster:

# 77 Andrew Yurchak
# 22 Benjamin Green
# 13 Chris Schmitz
# 3 Clarke Piatt
# 0 Darius Zalnasky
# 88 Gnanesh Gutta
# 50 Graham Barton
# 20 Jackson Morrow
# 7 Jasir Chavis
# 66 Jason Meyers
# 4 Joey Rowley
# 11 Liam Ullman
# 0 Marko Melishchuk
# 21 Max Ehrlich
# 83 Max Heiser
# 78 Max Wasserman
# 5 Seth Williams
# 57 Tyler Weinberger
# 23 Eliot Duncan
# 97 Sam Bliss
# 64 Alex Pierce
# 36 Avneet Singh
# 31 Sam Predmore
# 89 Toby Mast
# 0 Victoria Lee
# 0 Alex Yang
# 18 Dmitri Zalnasky
# 24 George Scandalios
# 17 Juge GP
# 16 Kyle Halstater
# 44 Mike Hayden
# 25 RK Cobb
# 0 Trevor Keefer
# 15 Ty Bowers
5th Year/Grad
# 9 Benji Lacroix
# 33 Chris Turocy
# 11 Ethan Murphy
# 27 Riley Park
Head Coach: Jake Christian, Kayla Emrick* denotes team captain

Florida Warm Up: Tampa, FL – February 4th – 6th, 2022

Pool Play (4-2)

Pittsburgh 13 – South Florida 5

Pittsburgh 13 – Auburn 4
Brigham Young 13 – Pittsburgh 7
Pittsburgh 13 – Florida 11
Pittsburgh 11 – Minnesota 10 recap
Massachusetts 12 – Pittsburgh 10 recap

Championship Bracket (2-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 14 – Florida 12

Semifinal: Pittsburgh W – Massachusetts F recap
Final: Brown 14 – Pittsburgh 12

Pool Play: Minnesota

Pool Play: Massachusetts

Semifinal: Massachusetts
Massachusetts books flights that did not allow them to finish the tournament.

Smoky Mountain Invite: Knoxville, Tennessee – March 5th – 6th, 2022

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh 13 – UCLA 7

Pittsburgh 11 – Maryland 7
Pittsburgh 9 – Georgia 6

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Prequarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Indiana 6

Quarterfinal: North Carolina 15 – Pittsburgh 11

5th Place Bracket (1-1)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 13 – North Carolina State 12

Final: Massachusetts 14 – Pittsburgh 11

Easterns: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – April 2nd – 3rd, 2022

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh 11 – Georgia 9 recap

Pittsburgh 15 – Illinois 7 recap
Pittsburgh 13 – California 10

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Carleton College 6

Semifinal: Brown 15 – Pittsburgh 10

3rd Place Bracket (0-1)

Final: North Carolina 11 – Pittsburgh 10

Pool Play: Georgia

Pool Play: Illinois

West Penn D-I Conference Championship: Morgantown WV – April 16th – 17th, 2022

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh 12 – Penn State 7

Pittsburgh 13 – West Virginia 4
Pittsburgh 11 – Carnegie Mellon 7

Ohio Valley D-I College Men’s Regionals: Pittsburgh, PA – May 7th – 8th, 2022

Win the region, onto nationals

Pool Play (2-0)

Pittsburgh 13 – Ohio 1

Pittsburgh 13 – Lehigh 4

Championship Bracket (2-0)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Cincinnati 4

Final: Pittsburgh 13 – Ohio State 7

D-I College Championships: Uihlein Soccer Park. Milwaukee, WI – May 27th – 30th, 2022

Pool Play (3-1)

Pittsburgh 15 – Connecticut 1 recap

Pittsburgh 15 – Georgia 10 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – Auburn 6
Michigan 15 – Pittsburgh 9 recap

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – California 7 recap

Semifinal: Brown 15 – Pittsburgh 9 recap

Pool Play: Connecticut

Pool Play: Georgia

Pool Play: Michigan
This game was inconsequential because Pittsburgh had already clinched the pool.

Quarterfinal: California
MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – Leaving no doubt as to who was the deeper and more complete team, Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur eliminated Cal Ursa Major with a 15-7 beatdown in the quarterfinals. Pittsburgh won the game with crushing matchup defense and near perfect offense despite a steady crosswind that made anything beyond a 10 yard pass something to think about.

Henry Ing made his impact from the game’s very first point. He crossed over to defense and elevated to take down an around backhand that had caught a drift of wind and floated over Cal’s intended target. Will Hoffenkamp, Will Helenski, and Ing marched the disc into the end zone, and Pittsburgh had an early lead that would never be challenged. On the next point, an unforced Cal turnover gave Pittsburgh a chance: Tristan Yarter unloaded a huck to Hoffenkamp to set up another Pitt break.

As much as their defense stood out in this game, Pitt has separated themselves from other teams at this tournament with their offense. Cal was able to sit in a diamond zone against their previous opponents and wait out opposing offenses who were tempted to take baited shots or who failed to execute simple passes when forced to do so for over two minutes. Harry McNamara, Dan Nichols, Scott Heyman, and Ing were comfortable inching the disc up the field two or three yards at a time and were able to do so without getting frustrated or tired. By relentlessly taking the throws Cal was willing to give up, Pittsburgh was able to render Cal’s zone largely ineffective.

“Our offense this whole weekend has been amazing,” Yarter said after the game. “Very few turnovers – that whole line has been amazing…Everyone is playing to their potential.”

On defense, Myles Cooper, Helenski, and Hoffenkamp shut down Cal’s easy options. With Cal’s Andrew Roy and Evan Magsig playing both ways, throwing fresh defenders at them really slowed down Cal’s typically fast paced attack.

“We’re always trying to put reset pressure on,” Yarter said. “We’re trying to constrict spaces as much as we can. We know we’re not always gonna come up with big blocks, but making small windows for the other team is going to lead to our success.” Pitt keyed in on key matchups with Roy, Magsig, and May and clearly had a deep game plan entering the game.

Cooper’s point block gave Pitt a short field for their next break chance, and an ill-advised scoober that was blocked by Ing helped Pitt build a 5-1 lead. While Cal was able to settle down and managed to hold its next two possessions, the team was clearly rattled from just the first few points against the best defense they had seen to that point this season. Roy spent time between points discussing whether contact calls are contestable with the observer and called a timeout on an offensive possession after his team had already used both of theirs allotted for the first half. That timeout raised the stall by three counts and led to a rushed throw that gave Pittsburgh a chance to break for half. Yarter connected with Hoffenkamp and En Sabah Nur went into the break up 8-3.

Pitt didn’t let up in the second half. A patient hold through the Cal zone extended the lead to six, but Pittsburgh was not ready to close up shop and ride out the game. On the next point, Myles Cooper had three blocks, the last of which was a Callahan that he tipped to himself as Pitt’s lead ballooned to 10-3.

Feeling the game slip out of reach, Cal started to play with desperation. Ursa Major managed tough holds and put on a kill line to get their first break of the game. Trailing 12-6, Magsig blocked a speculative Pittsburgh huck, and he, Dexter Clyburn, and Roy inched the disc upfield. They needed a timeout to reset a stagnating flow, but Roy was able to find space in isolation and hit an over-the-top scoober to Clyburn. That was the first time the Pittsburgh starting offense had been broken all weekend, but it was too little too late for Cal’s comeback hopes.

Feeling the effects of their worn down legs, after running Roy, Magsig, Gavin May, and Max Williams out on most points, Cal came down in a zone despite Pittsburgh’s proven ability to beat it. As expected, Pittsburgh drained the life out of Cal with a slow, patient hold, bringing them to the doorstep of the semifinal. Hoffenkamp notched assists on the next two points to close out the game, the first of which was a stunning full field backhand huck to a streaking Cooper to double up the score 14-7. On the last point, Roy turned over a scoober. Hoffenkamp found a bidding Yarter at the front cone for his fifth assist of the game and the game winner. Cal wrapped up their season with an impressive performance led by Roy and Magsig.

While Pitt was happy to celebrate the win, they were thinking about their semifinal almost as soon as the game ended. “We’re not satisfied with that,” Yarter said. “We’re not here to win quarters.” Thinking specifically about the Brown matchup, Yarter added, “It’s gonna be a hell of a game. Every time we play them it’s a fight. They’ve had our number this year. I think we’re very familiar with them though. We’re going to be really confident with our scouting…it’s going to be a battle either way.”

Written by Alex Rubin for

Semifinal: Brown