History: 2009 – 2010 Season

Pre-Series Record: 24-7
Series Record: 13-3
End of Season Standing: Tied for 3rd at the College Championship, eliminated in semifinals (9-15 to Carleton)

In 2010, Pittsburgh climbed higher than ever before, reaching the National Semifinal for the first time in program history. Not half bad for a team that, until 2003, had never qualified for Regionals.

But while Pitt has come a long way from its status as a Metro East cellar dweller (and this was back when the Metro East was bad), members of the current team might not even know it. Since first reaching Nationals in 2005, En Sabah Nur has qualified every year, meaning that not one of Pitt’s players has seen his season end anywhere other than at the Championships.

Aside from a hiccup in 2008, Pitt has improved its final place at Nationals every year. In 2005 and ’06, En Sabah Nur finished tied for 14th. In ’07, Pitt won its first ever Nationals Pool Play game, advancing to pre-Quarters before losing to Georgia 13-15 and eventually finishing tied for 9th. In 2008, the team again exited in pre-Quarters, this time suffering a 12-15 loss to Carleton and placing tied for 11th. 2009 saw Pittsburgh break through to the Quarterfinal after pre-Quarters win over in-region rival Cornell, but the team would again lose to Carleton, going down by a score of 14-16.

In 2010, things weren’t different, but they had changed: Pitt’s season once again ended with a loss to Carleton, but Pitt had also broken through to the Semifinal round. In their loss, Pitt allowed CUT to jump out to a big lead early that En Sabah Nur could not overcome. Had Pitt been at full health (senior Chris Brenenborg was unable to play, and a few others were injured as well), perhaps things could have been different, but in the end the story remained the same: Carleton had once again ended Pittsburgh’s run at Nationals.

Excerpt from Skyd Magazine’s 2011 preview of En Sabah Nur.


# 88 Clayton Leach
# 28 Ethan Beardsley
# 19 Isaac Saul
# 15 Kevin Norton
# 16 Michael Brenner
# 47 Michael Van Ness
# 4 Zach Kauffman
# 21 Alex Thorne
# 11 Allen Rakers
# 5 Colin Conner*
# 9 Jason Kunsa
# 11 Patrick Every
# 81 Tyler DeGirolamo
# 10 Andrej Ababovic
# 7 Julian Hausman
# 8 Michael Plunkett
# 27 Bob Liu
# 2 Chris Brenenborg*
# 23 Eddie Peters
# 12 Geoff Zettel*
# 13 Jay Huerbin
# 6 Kyle Baynes
5th Year/Grad
# 19 Ari Weitzman
# 71 Brad Bellinger
Head Coach: Josh Suskin* denotes team captain
Assistant Coach: David Lionetti, David Vatz


Metro East 1st Team All-Region: Chris Brenenborg (Senior)
Metro East 1st Team All-Region: Eddie Peters (Senior)
Metro East Freshman of the Year 1st Team: Isaac Saul
Metro East Freshman of the Year 2nd Team: Zach Kauffman
Callahan Nominee: Chris Brenenborg (Senior)


Alumni Game: – November 18th, 2007
Stop the Swill 2009: Newark, DE – September 26th – 27th, 2009
Ohio State Fall Brawl 2009: Columbus, OH – October 17th – 18th, 2009
UOA Wilmington 8s Tournament: Wilmington, NC – November 7th – 8th, 2009
Queen City Tune Up: Charlotte, NC – February 13th – 14th, 2010
The Stanford Invite: Stevinson, CA – March 6th – 7th, 2010
Centex: Austin, TX – March 20th – 21st, 2010
College Easterns: Wilmington, NC – March 26th – 28th, 2010
West Penn Sectionals: State College, PA – April 10th – 11th, 2010
Metro East Regionals: Princeton, NJ – May 1st – 2nd, 2010
USA Ultimate College Championships: Madison, WI – May 28th – 31st, 2010


Pittsburgh-B Roster:

Blake Hammer
# 37 Charles Wei
# 9 Corey Woloschin
# 27 Eric Johnson
# 7 Jesse Sidhu
# 35 Joseph Kozak
Mike Callahan
# 19 Nick Slapikas
Robert Miklos
# 14 Ryan Moore
Eli Gabel-Frank
Mackey Lutz
# 18 Mike Backman
# 12 Ryan Earles
# 87 Tony Maromonte
# 22 Asher Finkel
# 44 Bob Charland
# 11 Charlie Saunders
# 2 Dan Nee
# 23 David Gates
Jason Kondrat
# 6 Pat McGurrin
# 4 Trevor Hughes
5th Year/Grad
Head Coach: Skylar Brunner* denotes team captain

Pittsburgh-B Tournaments:

Colonial Ultimate Frisbee Festival: Poolesville, MD – November 14th – 15th, 2009
Rutgers B-Team One Day Invite: New Brunswick, NJ – March 6th, 2010
IUP Nutbuster: Indiana, PA – March 20th – 21st, 2010
West Penn Sectionals: State College, PA – April 10th – 11th, 2010

Alumni Game: – November 18th, 2007

Sean McComb

Final Score (with our 5 point cushion):

Alumni 18 – Current 15

Better luck next year kids.

Alumni Game (0-1)

Final: Pitt Alumni 18 – Pittsburgh 15

Stop the Swill 2009: Newark, DE – September 26th – 27th, 2009

This was the first tournament for the oncoming rookies of the 2009 Pitt Ultimate class. For half, or less, of the team this was their first tournament. Composed of three returning players, David Zettel, David Hogan and myself (Andrej), one alumni-ish player, Pat Hammonds, and the rest rookies, the team was set to play well, dominate, and win the tournament.

Especially important is that almost all of the lines were held to one veteran and never more than two. Someone kept track of the all rookie points, and I think it was 5-0 pure rookie line vs. the world before the final game.

I was impressed by both the height (desperately needed) and poise of our rookie class, winning games with an aggressive yet high percentage offense. From what I saw I’m very excited for this next season, especially considering the others who are coming up from B.

Pool Play (2-1)

Pittsburgh 17 – John Hopkins B 2 recap

Pittsburgh 17 – Pennsylvania B 2 recap
Penn State B 17 – Pittsburgh 13 recap

Championship Bracket (3-0)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Delaware Y 10 recap

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Delaware X 9 recap
Final: Pittsburgh 13 – Penn State B 10 recap

Pool Play: John Hopkins B
Each team in our pool was dubbed a ‘B’ team, but none were. Penn turned out to be a vet team with two or three rookies. We were simply a rookie team and the other two were the actual teams of their school with rookies. Needless to say, the game was a blow out. We played to seventeen. This turned out to be great as the rookies got to play an extended game against some sub par competition, basically getting some basics down and working out kinks. Nothing to note, other then a good first win.

Pool Play: Pennsylvania B
This game I remember even less of than the one prior. They had one handler who kind of did things, but nothing to note. We played well. They played poorly. Their rookie class was leagues below ours and it showed as they could barely get one throw off.

Pool Play: Penn State B
This was the competition that we, as vets, wanted for the rookies to have. It was contentious in play, not in calls, and every point was a battle. We took half, but were lulled into false sense of security. They rolled off four breaks at thirteens to win the game. The vets attempted to fight hard and show how to fight through adversity, but due to an earlier injury to Dave Zettel and a continuous injury to Dave Hogan, it was Pitt Rookies plus friends against Penn State A. We ended holding seed and going into the bracket.

Quarterfinal: Delaware Y
Delaware was a good team. Much like our team they were a rookie team with vets interspersed. It was a tough game and a physically demanding one. Delaware was very uppity and our rookies were having none of it. Most notably Robbie Shapiro gave ‘googly’ eyes to a Delaware player who fouled him and then called a travel. In the end, it was a great game and showed the rookies how hard they needed to play.

Semifinal: Delaware X
Sean Keegan, despite playing for the team we had just beaten, decided to join this rookie team as well. His presence and the already chippy nature of the Delaware game made for an intense game. We worked hard and it paid off as we went on an early run to dominate the game. Zach Kauffman shut down Keegan around the disc and he was null, until Keegan hurt his back and had to leave the field of play. After that, it was a simple game with a deserved ending.

Final: Penn State B
In the huddle on Saturday after the loss, we made a promise to not lose again, and to beg for the chance to play Penn State again. Now with Dave Zettel back, Eddie Peters picked up for Sunday, and the rookies in a frenzy to show Penn State that they got lucky, we were ready to dominate. The game was back and forth for a few points, but then the legs of the fifteen deep Penn State team gave way to our non stop offense and defense. We cruised through the game after getting four or five breaks (they broke back late), and the rookies won their first tournament.

Ohio State Fall Brawl 2009: Columbus, OH – October 17th – 18th, 2009

Team X:

Pool Play (5-0)

Pittsburgh-X 13 – Toledo 6 recap

Pittsburgh-X 13 – Miami (Ohio) 7 recap
Pittsburgh-X 13 – Rochester Institute of Technology 5 recap
Pittsburgh-X 13 – Youngstown State 4 recap
Pittsburgh-X 12 – Ohio State X 8 recap

Championship Bracket (2-1)

Prequarterfinal: Pittsburgh-X W – Kent State L

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh-X W – Michigan L recap
Semifinal: Tennessee 13 – Pittsburgh-X 4 recap

Team Y:

Pool Play (5-0)

Pittsburgh-Y W – Virginia Tech L

Pittsburgh-Y 9 – Michigan 8
Pittsburgh-Y 13 – Bowling Green 7
Pittsburgh-Y W – Cincinnati L
Pittsburgh-Y W – Ohio State Y L

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh-Y W – Miami (Ohio) L

Semifinal: Ohio 13 – Pittsburgh-Y 3

Pool Play: Toledo
Coming in with eleven guys, four guys who were considered rookies the team had an uphill battle in the tournament to begin with. Toledo proved a good first game as they played to a warm up level to the cold Pitt players. The wind was up and down, the cold was numbing and aggravating. Simply put, we were better, so we played better and won.

Pool Play: Miami (Ohio)
Seeded second, we were set to play the number one of the pool in our second game. After a good warm up we were ready and firing. Key defensive plays from Alex Thorne, a gnarly layout catch block, and solid first cutting from Ari Weizman set the tone for the game. On the other hand, the Miami team was struggling to do much of anything. Their main handlers seemed content to playing a position game, in the upwind downwind, although position mattered little to the skilled throwers of our Pitt team.

Pool Play: Rochester Institute of Technology
RIT bagged their game against us. It wouldn’t have mattered for them if they did or didn’t. They had neither the athleticism nor smarts to play against us. They stuck discs in dumb positions and easy areas for us to block them. On top of that, they couldn’t run with us. We played solidly and won easily. Apparently, I made a sick catch to end the game. Take that Rochester.

Pool Play: Youngstown State
Youngstown did not bag their game against us. They also yelled, “This is our first tournament ever!” at us. Unfazed, we won handily. They throw swilly hucks and we blocked them… a lot.

Pool Play: Ohio State X
This was the game of the day. We knew they were going to be fired up as they lost to RIT, Miami, and Toledo, strangely. They were good, which compounds the puzzling ways they lost to the other teams. They played physically, had a few great receivers, and a few good handlers. Our momentum started as I got a big layout D in the lane against one of their better receivers. After that, the team got fired up and OSU couldn’t move the disc. We gave up a break towards the end, but the game was securely tucked away as the cap went off.

Quarterfinal: Michigan
There was a prequarters game, but it doesn’t count. Considering they had a girl on their team and they didn’t want to play. Go Kent State. So we played Michigan. Off the bat, I was nervous considering their recent success, but after the first point we realized this was a new Michigan; a dangerous one, but not one of years past. They played well and had some big receivers, but they couldn’t handle Alex Thorne’s back breaking upwind hucks for goals. Our offense was smooth as Isaac Saul continuously hit Tyler DeGirolamo for back to back to back to back O line goals. We won the game after because Michigan couldn’t answer upwind. Great win. Hard fought.

Semifinal: Tennessee
Eleven players, hovering barely above ten, Pitt was exhausted. After an O line turnover right outside the end zone, we as a team seemed to feel a wind of fatigue. Nobody could run, jump, or think as we were getting beaten by ourselves more than Tennessee’s double team zone. We took bad shots, didn’t run hard, and played very poorly. But in all honesty, nobody really cared as we all battled cramps and exhaustion. This simply gave Tennessee a false sense of security to the upcoming Wilmington 8s. Beware Tennessee, we’re out for blood.

UOA Wilmington 8s Tournament: Wilmington, NC – November 7th – 8th, 2009

Ranked number one at the most prestigious fall tournament, Pitt had high hopes for the Wilmington 8’s. Not only was the excitement high due to a change in climate, but also experimental rules and stiff regional and national competition. Pitt was due to face its regional nemesis Cornell, as well as perennial powerhouse Florida, and nationals qualifiers NC State and UVA. Many members also looked to extract revenge on Tennessee who had beaten a Pitt split squad at a prior tryout tournament.

After winning the octagonal trophy, Pitt returned home only to get right back to work. Offseason workouts started in earnest only weeks after 8’s. Polymeric workouts and speed drills dominated the week as well as individual track workouts and weightlifting. Alumni visited and led especially brutal workouts. Combine results were posted as motivation for players to improve upon 2 mile times and pushup counts.

Back Row: Josh Suskin (coach), Kyle Baynes, Ari Weitzman, Patrick Every, Bob Liu, Tyler DeGirolamo, Andre Ababovic, Michael Van Ness, Kevin Norton, Zach Kauffman, Isaac Saul, Robbie Shapiro, Jason Kunsa, Michael Brenner, David Vatz (assistant coach)
Middle Row: Alex Thorne, Jay Huerbin, Michael Plunkett, Allen Rakers, David Zettel
Front Row: Colin Conner, Geoff Zettel, Chris Brenenborg

Pool Play (7-0)

Pittsburgh 15 – Tennessee 10 recap

Pittsburgh 17 – Florida 15 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – Virginia 11 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – Cornell 13 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – Maryland 7 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – North Carolina State 9 recap
Pittsburgh 15 – North Carolina 8 recap

Championship Bracket (1-0)

Final: Pittsburgh 15 – Cornell 13 recap

Pool Play: Tennessee
Half of the team needed some payback for the blowout loss to Tennessee. The other half wanted a win under their belt. After a bit of a nervy half with O line holding steady and D line not being able to punch it in, we finally broke serve to start a roll of breaks. During half, Coach Suskin hammered in the point that adjustments were just that, and only plays were going to create breaks. The D line took this to heart as we rolled out of half with consecutive breaks. Most importantly, Pitt finished this game on defense, ending the game on a high note and creating a new theme for Pittsburgh for the weekend and the year, Finishing Strong. Overall, a great first day win and first team win.

Tennessee, if we see them again, had two good players, and seemed to rely on height to carry through. They were unable to keep up with team speed, as well as Chris speed, Tyler speed, and CC speed.

Pool Play: Florida
So we meet Florida, the big daddy themselves, in our second game, a team we haven’t played since Centex 2006 (Read: Only Brad has played them before). I personally have never played in a game of such of talk and anticipation. I quickly learned that talk is just talk and playing is another thing all together. Florida’s offense boiled down to one of two things, number 21 receiving the disc and ripping it or number 14 receiving the disc and ripping it to 21. After a long spell of O line holding serve, we were finally broken towards the end of the game. Down 10-12, the D line was told to step up. With three breaks, they did so and punished Florida with a mix of adjustments and Ds. The game held serve until 15s, then the D line proceeded to end the game with two more breaks. Most notably, #14 had the disc at the top of Florida’s end zone; he ripped it to #21 who was in a dead sprint with 5 Pittsburgh defenders; he didn’t get it.

Pool Play: Virginia
Virginia of last year was a Cinderella story beating Georgia to take the AC Regionals, but this year seems to be a transition year. They had a mixed national champion in their roster with a dude wearing a number 10 jersey. He seemed to run everything, which worked a bit in the beginning, but as the game wore on his efficiency diminished. The game was one of the easier ones on the whole, as we broke quickly and effectively putting up a big score at half and coasting through it for the game. Retrospectively, not what we want, but we were tired after a physically and emotionally draining day.

Pool Play: Cornell
This was the most anticipated game of the day. Were we going to reclaim the region? Were we going to be the top dogs after an emotional nationals? Yes. Empathetically yes. The answer was yes even before the game as our mentality and attitude for this game was one only of winning and one of lingering revenge. The game was fiery, yet oddly friendly. I think we now have some mutual respect for each others’ programs and the level they’ve reached. Much like Eddie, I remember little of the game. The O line definitely, like nationals, kept us in this game with some good, solid play. Win Picksburgh. -by Andrej

Brager is back, Hirsch picked up Nationals experience, Art continues to improve his cutting and throws every year, an MIT transfer bolsters their defense and offense, and some younger tall men are stepping up for them. Cornell looked good, looked tall, but they also looked sporadic and up-and-down on the weekend. Loss to NC State, win against Florida, allowing a huge comeback by Virginia. Unfortunately, as I missed the final because the Bellinger’s had to leave, this was the only time I saw Cornell. Also unfortunately, I don’t remember much about the game. A regional rivalry, there were some hot plays by the O-line kept us ahead in a 4 or 5 break game. O-line puts it in for the win 15-13. Huge handler D from Brad on Brager this game. -by Eddie Peters

Pool Play: Maryland
After running fourteen sprints for being fourteen minutes late, we were both pissed and tired. The culmination left Maryland scoring the most points on our team ever. They scored a remarkable seven points. I think half was something like 8-5 and then they scored 2 points when we scored 7. Eh, first game. We’ll do better next time.

Pool Play: North Carolina State
NC State still has a solid core of players who Pitt has been playing against for years. The Australian Brett, KP, Steven Panasci, and a few others. They play a solid under game, with nice space passes to cuts coming across the field. KP makes plays for them all over the place, keeping their head above the water while seeming to bid effortlessly. Pitt games against NC State are always fights, traditionally mega point games. However, the last two games have been blowouts by both sides (NC State on top at QCTU 2008).

The game was once again nervy in the first half, but our dominance in the second. We played hand in hand with them for the first half and, down a break at sevens, we needed to get control of the game. The game in the first half was a story of D line missed opportunities as we got the disc quickly, but lost them quicker. At sevens to take half, the D line finally punched it in for a huge momentum grab and a confidence booster. The game turned on its heels after and we managed to break them five more times, or more, for the decisive 15-9 win.

Pool Play: North Carolina
A team very high up on my list, after defeating us in come-from-behind fashion at Nationals 2007, Fall Collegiates 2007 and Centex 2008. Noah Saul often bragged about how he never lost to Pitt and never would. Well, Thanksgiving bragging rights go to the young Isaac Saul now. UNC was all about Saul and number 10 Thomas running the show, as practically every positive play was made by one of those two players. The UNC O-line had players that hardly seemed to know how to throw, which is a drastic change from the UNC teams I remember. Anyway, a very notable and fulfilling win at 15-5.

Final: Cornell
With the Octagon now in sight, Pittsburgh wanted the win. The game started, as usual, with O line’s holding. Cornell got a break at three, but we held serve and broke back at 6-5. We continued exerting pressure as we scored another break for 7 – 5. The halftime score 8-6. The game was like the other one before with Cornell playing as anticipated and our O line holding strong and our D line punishing mistakes. The second half started on a positive as we broke two more times and pushed our lead to a resounding 10-7. At this point, the confidence on the team sideline was high and in the reaches of hubris. And boy did we pay. Huck after huck were missed and small, sloppy mistakes punished as Cornell beat us down with our own medicine. With five breaks, Cornell had turned the game and our loss looked inevitable. Yet, this is where our new spirit shines. Down 12-10, the O line punched in their goal after Alex Thorne had a gnarly lay out D to save a break. The D line took the field with a mentality of must break. They did as the score moved to twelves and thirteen twelve with another huge break. With Cornell scoring on O and our O scoring as well it was now 14-13. Mega D line, the ensuing point had multiple Ds and multiple turns, but the one that mattered came down to Jay Huerbin getting in between two confused Cornell players and getting a huge D. The D line turned that D into a break and a tournament win as Pittsburgh went undefeated on the weekend.

Queen City Tune Up: Charlotte, NC – February 13th – 14th, 2010

February saw snow on the ground in Pittsburgh. Pitt players were still working hard on the track and in the gym but now with the promise of Queen City Tuneup in sunny North Carolina. These hopes were dashed on the ride down. Queen City brought snow and more cold; Pitt played the first round on a field covered by snow.

Pitt easily rolled through its first round game but was upset in the 2nd round by a strong MSU team. Emotions ran high on both sides and players worked hard on both sides of the disc, but the muddy field made for lots of turnovers and MSU was able to take more advantage of their opportunities. Pitt was frustrated, tired, and cold but not broken. A resilient Pitt team rolled through Davidson and Georgia Tech to advance to the championship bracket. Pitt warmed up and filled their bellies with southern BB-Q (or Chinese Buffet) and readied for Ohio State the next morning. In the morning, Pittsburgh ended up losing to Ohio State in the Quarterfinals. The defeat was ultimately good for Pitt as practices became more focused, everyone on the team now had a drive to prove that Queen City was a fluke. Sprints were added to the end of practices to ensure that Pitt’s legs would not tire out again. Throws were ironed out and positions were finalized. Pitt was energized and determined.

Pool Play (3-1)

Pittsburgh 9 – Georgetown 2

Michigan State 10 – Pittsburgh 4
Pittsburgh 11 – Davidson 1
Pittsburgh 11 – Georgia Tech 2

Championship Bracket (0-1)

Prequarterfinal: Ohio State 9 – Pittsburgh 8 recap

9th Place Bracket (2-0)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 8 – Delaware 6 recap

Final: Pittsburgh 11 – Michigan 7 recap

Prequarterfinal: Ohio State
In the quarterfinal Pitt came out sloppy and Ohio State took advantage. But Pitt came back again forcing universe point. Pitt’s defense was strong but a massive stall 9 huck from the Ohio State endzone found it’s mark and Pitt fell 9-8.

Semifinal: Delaware
Dejected, Pitt looked to take out its frustration on archrival Delaware. A physical, rough game ensued with both sides taking shots back and fourth until Pitt forced a break and then, on universe point, came down with a huge huck for the win.

Final: Michigan
Up next was perennial nationals qualifier Michigan. Pitt was in control from the start, finally able to play its game and the breaks came fast and furious. Michigan was never close and Pitt rolled to victory, capping a disappointing tournament in which Pitt had championship aspirations.

The Stanford Invite: Stevinson, CA – March 6th – 7th, 2010

Not only was there motivation to show that QCTU was a fluke, Pitt was out for revenge. Of the 5 other teams in Pitt’ pool at the Stanford Invite, 4 had played Pitt at nationals the year before and 3 had beaten Pitt in overtime. Revenge Tour 2010.

Texas had lost a great deal of talent from last year and was clearly did not have the same team makeup. Pitt had a fairly easy time, it was a good game to get legs warmed up and give out playing time. Cal, a team Pitt had beaten at nationals the previous year, provided a much tougher test. Pitt came out flat, blinked, and was down a few breaks at half. Pitt’s efforts in the 2nd half were to no avail and Cal stole a victory by being more ready to play and converting every opportunity. Up next: defending college champions Carleton College. There is no love lost between Pitt and Carleton and this game was no exception. A tough, fast, physical game, well played by both sides; Pitts D hunkered down and simply got the job done, slowly but surely, pass by pass, break by break, Pitt started rolling and came out on top, avenging last years quarterfinal loss. Next Pitt faced Wisconsin. There was no love lost between these two teams either and Pitt simply came out with more determination, drive and skill. Huge skies, bids, and throws led Pitt to a strong, well deserved victory. Day 2 saw the same gritty, skilled Pitt team. A confident Pitt team came out swinging against UCSB and rolled into the semifinals versus Colorado.

The game against Colorado had monumental plays both on offense and defense. Each team played spectacular games and in the end Pitt flapped its wings a little harder, flew higher, and came out on top. On to the finals against Oregon. Oregon was simply too skilled this game. Every huck found a receiver, every defender was on his cutters hip, and every cut was precise. Pitt did its best to give Oregon a battle to the end but, in the end, Ego was too much. Oregon emerged as tourney champs and Pitt went into spring break unsatisfied.

Pool Play (4-1)

Pittsburgh 13 – Texas 6

California 13 – Pittsburgh 9
Pittsburgh 13 – Carleton College 7
Pittsburgh 13 – Wisconsin 10
Pittsburgh 13 – California-Santa Barbara 8

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Colorado 13

Final: Oregon 15 – Pittsburgh 9

Centex: Austin, TX – March 20th – 21st, 2010

After the mayhem and madness of spring break, Pitt traveled to Austin, Texas for Centex. To be greeted by 30+ mph wind and 40 degree cold. A gusty, miserable Saturday saw three Pitt loses and one miserable Pitt team. Sunday was far less cold and saw winds of only 20 mph. In Pitt’s first 3 games the script was the same: trading to half, while feeling out the other team, then, domination in the 2nd half. In the first three games (against Iowa, Iowa St., and Stanford) Pitt gave up 18 goals in the 3 first halves combined and 5 goals in the three, second halves combined. All three games ended as big wins for Pitt. The 9th place finals against UCSD saw Pitt take control at the outset and keep UCSD under control in the 2nd half, cruising to a victory in the 9th place bracket. A disappointing result overall but a very strong Sunday performance. Sunday night witnessed a few too many Pittsburgh shenanigans in Austin, resulting in everyone arriving back at Pitt in all sorts.

Pool Play (0-3)

Stanford 10 – Pittsburgh 8

Texas A&M 9 – Pittsburgh 8
Minnesota 7 – Pittsburgh 2

9th Place Bracket (4-0)

Prequarterfinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Iowa 6 recap

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 12 – Iowa State 8
Semifinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Stanford 8
Final: Pittsburgh 13 – California-San Diego 8

Prequarterfinal: Iowa
This video clip was taken by Iowa:

College Easterns: Wilmington, NC – March 26th – 28th, 2010

The next weekend, Pitt drove back down to Wilmington N.C. for College Easterns. On day 1 Pitt rolled over Duke and faced a strong initial push from SDSU but began outworking SDSU, coming up with key breaks and ran away in the 2nd half. Next was Kansas, a nationals team from last year. Pitt came out fired up, ready for warÂ…Kansas did not and was blown out 15-1, at one point Pitt led 13-0. Complete domination, nuff said. After a quick Wendy’s break, Pitt geared up for the showcase game, a rematch against Ohio State. Pitt wanted to win this game, badly. Again, Pitt came out guns blazing, and after quelling an initial spurt from Ohio State, proceeded to run away with the game, finishing on d with an all rookie line.

Championship Sunday. All year Pitt had been seeking a major tournament win before the series and this was the last chance to do it. Pitt and Georgia came out trading blows until Pitt turned it up a notch and went on a 13-1 run to come out on top of the perennial Atlantic Coast power. Up next was Virginia. This game was very upwind downwind, with important breaks followed by silly mistakes. Both teams traded until half and then some. Late in the game Pitt finally broke through with an upwind and downwind break combination (after some hotly contested points) and put UVA away. On to the finals against Wisconsin. More wind, and Wisconsin took full advantage, using a zone to limit Pitt’s offense and grab some early breaks. Wisconsin cruised into half, looking to finish quickly, but Pitt would not let them. Battling back, Pitt came close again and again but could not come all the way back and Wisconsin won on a tipped, layout catch.

Pool Play (4-0)

Pittsburgh 15 – Duke 7

Pittsburgh 15 – San Diego State 10
Pittsburgh 15 – Kansas 1
Pittsburgh 15 – Ohio State 8

Championship Bracket (2-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Georgia 5

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 13 – Virginia 9
Final: Wisconsin 14 – Pittsburgh 11

West Penn Sectionals: State College, PA – April 10th – 11th, 2010

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh 15 – Messiah 0

Pittsburgh 15 – Susquehanna 1
Pittsburgh 15 – Dickinson 2

Championship Bracket (2-0)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Edinboro 3

Final: Pittsburgh 15 – Penn State 4

Metro East Regionals: Princeton, NJ – May 1st – 2nd, 2010

Pitt rolled though of the Metro East Region. For the second straight year, Pitt faced Cornell in the regional final. Pitt came out ready to work hard, and work hard they did. The whole game was back and forth, with Cornell holding a small lead. But, at 13-11, Pitt committed a crucial turnover and Cornell capitalized, never looking back and taking the game and the region 15-11.

In the backdoor game, Pitt never turned it on but never really needed to, grabbing a few breaks in the first half against George Washington and turning on the afterburners. Pitt’s offense was crisp and was never broken while Pitt’s defense did just enough to win. Pitt took the second bid to nationals from the Metro East, 15-11.

Championship Bracket (3-1)

Prequarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – New York University 5

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Carleton University 5
Semifinal: Pittsburgh 15 – Pennsylvania 5
Final: Cornell 15 – Pittsburgh 11 recap

2nd Place Backdoor Bracket (1-0)

Final: Pittsburgh 15 – George Washington 11 recap

Final: Cornell

Final: George Washington

USA Ultimate College Championships: Madison, WI – May 28th – 31st, 2010

2010 Nationals Team.

Pool Play (3-1)

Pittsburgh 15 – Texas State 11

Pittsburgh 15 – Michigan 5
Pittsburgh 15 – Colorado 9
Wisconsin 17 – Pittsburgh 15

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh 15 – California 10 recap

Semifinal: Carleton College 15 – Pittsburgh 9 recap

Quarterfinal: California

Semifinal: Carleton College

Pittsburgh-B Tournaments

Colonial Ultimate Frisbee Festival: Poolesville, MD – November 14th – 15th, 2009

Roster: Asher, Charles, Weiman, Dan Nee, Pickles, Odie, Dimitry, Eli, Ethan, Jesse, Mack, Nee, Rob, Rusty, Earles, Tony, Trevor.

Pool Play (1-3)

Hofstra 13 – Pittsburgh-B 11

Hofstra 13 – Pittsburgh-B 11
Pittsburgh-B 13 – East Stroudsburg 8
Maryland Alumni 12 – Pittsburgh-B 11

33rd Place Bracket (0-1)

Quarterfinal: Cornell B 9 – Pittsburgh-B 7

Rutgers B-Team One Day Invite: New Brunswick, NJ – March 6th, 2010

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh-B 11 – Williams B 9

Pittsburgh-B 11 – Delaware B 3
Pittsburgh-B 8 – Massachusetts B 7

Championship Bracket (1-1)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh-B 10 – Tufts B 7

Final: Cornell B 12 – Pittsburgh-B 7

IUP Nutbuster: Indiana, PA – March 20th – 21st, 2010

Pool Play (3-0)

Pittsburgh-B 15 – Carnegie Mellon 4

Pittsburgh-B 15 – Pittsburgh-Johnstown 7
Pittsburgh-B 14 – Indiana (Pennsylvania) 9

Championship Bracket (0-1)

Quarterfinal: Kent State 15 – Pittsburgh-B 10

5th Place Bracket (1-1)

Semifinal: Pittsburgh-B 15 – Bloomsburg 5

Final: Edinboro 13 – Pittsburgh-B 10

West Penn Sectionals: State College, PA – April 10th – 11th, 2010

Pool Play (2-1)

Pittsburgh-B 15 – Carnegie Mellon 5

Pittsburgh-B 13 – Gettysburg 6
Penn State 12 – Pittsburgh-B 8

2nd Place Backdoor Bracket (0-1)

Prequarterfinal: Indiana (Pennsylvania) 12 – Pittsburgh-B 9

4th Place Bracket (0-1)

Prequarterfinal: Penn State B 12 – Pittsburgh-B 10

8th Place Bracket (1-1)

Quarterfinal: Pittsburgh-B 13 – Dickinson 10

Semifinal: Gettysburg W – Pittsburgh-B L