History: 1997 – 1998 Season

En Sabah Nur is an ultimate frisbee team based out of the University of Pittsburgh. It all started in the winter and spring of 1998 when the third floor of Sutherland West at the University of Pittsburgh started playing ultimate behind the Cost Center. Their RA, Brody, organized frisbee a couple of times a week with Erik Frank, who brought in a number of players from other parts of the university. They played constantly and their attendance grew. Soon they were beginning to play competitively and wanted to find out just how competitive ultimate could really be (It is JUST frisbee after all). So they booked themselves a spot at a tournament at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

On the way to Carlisle they came up with a team name. En Sabah Nur . . . You’re Fooked!!! The tournament was a success even though we were only 1-2. The school year ended, but En Sabah Nur . . . You’re Fooked!!! played on. They did not play competitively at all, but each week old players and new players played pick-up games. By the time fall rolled around, En Sabah Nur had recruited many new faces and were ready for an exciting season. The first chance to compete was at a small tournament at Carnegie-Mellon University. Before the tournament it was decided that all though En Sabah Nur . . . You’re Fooked!!! was a great name, but it needed be shortened. So it was shortened to En Sabah Nur. We have been playing under that name ever since.


# 19 Aaron Paulos
Bryan Chaikin
# 0 Erik Frank*
# 27 Jay Paulonis
# 0 Jeremy Stadlin
Jim Ferguson
# 0 Jim Swetz
# 0 Jon Stadlin
Kevin Rose
Matt Dietrich
Matt Liddle
# 0 Michael Finnerty
# 23 Tony Oliva
# 1 William Brotman*
5th Year/Grad
* denotes team captain


1st Annual Jivefest: Carlisle, PA – April 18th, 1998

1st Annual Jivefest: Carlisle, PA – April 18th, 1998

This was our first tournament ever. It was a one day shindig highlighted by the coed all-star game that was played with the naked point. If your team got scored on, you lost a piece of clothing. Only eight of our players manage to haul themselves out of bed around 5am to begin the three hour drive to Carlisle: Brody, Aaron Paulos, Jeremy Stadlin, Jon Stadlin, Jay Paulonis, Diesel, Tony Oliva, and Jeremy and maybe one other.

Pool Play (2-1)

Pittsburgh 15 – Drew 9

Harrisburg Club 12 – Pittsburgh 10
Pittsburgh 15 – Drew Women 3